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KLS Martin Steri AR

Augmented Reality, Medical

AR for Sterilization Containers

The Steri AR Augmented Reality app gives an insight into two rigid sterile barrier systems manufactured by KLS Martin Group: microStop® and marSafe®. The app includes interactive animations of the different barriers, container functionality, color choices, labeling, and explanatory videos.


The KLS Martin Group is one of the leading medical manufacturers in the world. High quality products in conjunction with process-oriented services are a hallmark of the KLS Martin Group. The KLS Martin product portfolio includes a wide range of modern and innovative products, which surpass the complex requirements in all major surgical fields.

Try It Now on Your Device

Steri AR is now available for Android and iOS devices. The same target image is used to trigger both container augmentations. It be found on page 78 of the KLS Martin Sterilization Containers catalog. If you do not have a physical copy, you can access the PDF version of the catalog here.


Please note that only AR Kit and AR Core enabled devices will be able to download the app. Click here for compatible Android devices and here for compatible iOS devices.