Virtual Reality for Training

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What is a VR training app?

If you need to train people to perform certain procedures, a VR app might be just the right technology for you. Complex actions where a variety of steps need to be done in a particular order or procedures that require a certain sequence of steps spread out within a room are also great candidates. In all these cases, the trainee can use VR to repeat any training sequence for as long as necessary without access to physical facilities or equipment. 

Wireless VR headsets are here!

• No more expensive gaming PCs!

• No more wall mounted sensors!

• You can now throw the VR headset into your bag and use it anywhere.

We have two options for wireless VR, fresh on the market in 2019: the Oculus Quest and the Vive Focus. To test a training demo on either of these devices, please get in touch with us!

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Great for training & repairs

training_noun_3D Glasses_2409592 ch

Easy-to-use wireless VR headsets

training_noun_Holographic Image_2409525

Object interaction coding packages

training_noun_score_2129397 ch

Performance tracking & feedback


Remote Collaboration features

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Training and travel costs savings

Questions? Contact us for more info and a demo.

To help you better understand the development behind a VR training app, we have included the following steps into our video above:


00:06    What is a VR training app?

01:22    Can my company benefit from VR training?

01:51    What do I need to know about VR hardware?

02:12    How to choose the right VR developer

02:30    What information does the developer need to start?


02:57    How is the 3D data processed?

03:44    How do interactions come about?

04:33    What about the environment?

04:47    Live Collaboration

05:15    Final application and deployment