Virtual Reality Architects

We are an interdisciplinary, award winning creative studio. We design and program spatial experiences. With digits or with brick and mortar.

We believe that isolated disciplines are a thing of the past, so we are fluent in a wide range of creative mediums covering coding, architecture, virtual and augmented reality, parametric design, 3D modeling, gaming and graphics.

Our design and testing methods span from hand-made cardboard models to complex virtual simulations. Our projects tell stories at the intersection of technology, beauty and human experience.


Andreea Ion Cojocaru, founding partner, is a licensed architect​ and software developer. She has practiced across the US and Europe and is fluent in a wide range of mediums. She has a deep interest in the social and philosophical implications of immersive technologies and is a frequent guest speaker on the impact of virtual reality and its relationship to traditional architecture​.​ Read more

Benjamin Bach, founding partner, is the business manager at NUMENA.​ He has over 20 years of experience in sales and management in the production industry.

Some of our clients: