Current Openings

Interested in immersive experiences that push the boundaries of perception?

Wanna join a team of coding architects developing the next generation of design tools?

Unity Programmer

We are looking for a Unity developer with excellent C# skills. AR/VR experience is a plus but not a must if you are a quick learner. Genuine interest in spatial narratives and interdisciplinary team work is a must. You will be working on a new VR creative tool for architecture and help us prototype experimental VR/AR experiences.

To apply, send us your CV and Unity project references at For each project, please specify your role and briefly outline the tasks involved.

Architectural Designer

Are you a great designer with stellar Rhino skills and passionate about VR? Knowledge of Grasshopper, Revit and Unity a big plus. You will be working as an architect on both physical building projects and virtual environments.

To apply, send us your CV and work samples at In a portfolio, we are looking for design talent that covers a wide range of spatial conditions (from urban to interiors) and courage to take risks.