VR Medical Training

A VR training app for the prevention of surgical site infections

This immersive training application showcases B. Braun products and procedures meant to prevent surgical site infections (SSI). The action takes place inside a virtual hospital where the layout and spatial logic mirrors that of an actual surgical wing. The player chooses between different stations, navigates various paths and embodies characters (surgeon, nurse, sterile nurse) whose actions play a role in the prevention of SSIs. Interaction within the VR environment is specific to each task and ranges from multiple choice questions to sequences of interactive steps that require using instruments in the correct order and/or for the right amount of time.

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The art of immersive training that combines technical information with spatial logic

In typical VR training applications, the player is alone in a virtual space & control every step. For this project, we wanted to create the feeling that the user is part of a larger simulation that takes place in an open hospital wing. The use of character animations and voice acting played a big role in this strategy. This approach reflects a desire to replicate more accurately the complexity of a hospital environment and to acknowledge the fact that the spatial context plays an important role in the decisions that medical staff need to make.

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