It’s all about speed and magic.

BMW’s fastest motorcycle like you’ve never seen it before.

The S 1000 RR sports motorcycle is a BMW master work. In its third generation, the improved performance due to highly innovative changes like the BMW ShiftCam technology cannot be understated. At NUMENA, we were tasked with developing a virtual reality application to both wow and showcase these technological advances. For starters, designed an entry fit for the main character: the motorcycle materializes in the form of a rain of parts, 4000 of them, individually animated in realtime. The parts then arrange themselves together to create the motor and the bike allowing you to experience the RR’s startling beauty and complexity. Partners: Dejo-Media.

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The art of immersive training that combines technical information with spatial logic

In typical VR training applications, the player is alone in a virtual space & control every step. For this project, we wanted to create the feeling that the user is part of a larger simulation that takes place in an open hospital wing. The use of character animations and voice acting played a big role in this strategy. This approach reflects a desire to replicate more accurately the complexity of a hospital environment and to acknowledge the fact that the spatial context plays an important role in the decisions that medical staff need to make.

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VR Medical Training