Spaces and Stories

A virtual space that has many stories to tell. Stories about you.

What is architecture without gravity? What exactly are the psychological and phenomenal dimensions of space? What unique spatial dynamics can be created when teams interact in virtual environments? We’ve had the opportunity at NUMENA to explore, together with Arthur, the architecture of virtual spaces for work and collaboration. 

Virtual architecture is about spatializing ideas, concepts, your slide deck, but also yourself. It’s about allowing space to become one of the dimensions you interact with & express yourself in, about letting space melt into a mental state & what lies beneath.

This psychological dimension is territory that, within traditional architecture, a designer could only explore from a privileged position almost impossible to attain. With VR, these type of investigations are not only accessible, but they open up an area of spatial design, methodology and spatial experience that we’ve never had access to before.

Details coming soon!

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